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Hello, I am Marguerite Picard, an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer. I am a  Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator with a Melbourne based practice and with my office in the Hawthorn-Camberwell area.

I specialise in helping people thinking about separation, and in helping couples who have decided to separate or divorce to do so as amicably as possible, without going to court.

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Thinking about divorce or separation without court? Watch this short video…

I advocate collaborative practice and mediation, because I know that the type of lawyer and settlement process you choose will have a big effect on how you are able to manage your emotional and financial wellbeing during your separation and divorce, and afterwards.

If you are like most separating couples, you will need some help to discuss your finances, living arrangements for your children, the living expenses of both households and to get legal sign-off on your agreements. That is what I specialise in doing. Amicably.


More often than not, I work together with psychologists and counsellors as well as financial planners to help you reach the best agreements possible, with the greatest amount of support and skill on offer.


Separation and divorce conducted in a respectful, friendly, collaborative manner will avoid unnecessary conflict and conserve your savings. I know how true this is, because I once worked in the ‘old fashioned way’, going to Court, billing by the hour, and flying solo.


My practice covers all aspects of Family Law from Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Binding Financial Agreements, to spousal support or maintenance, child support, child custody and asset /property division.


Please know that by seeking my assistance you are not going down the path to unavoidable divorce. I regularly work with counsellors who can provide support for you as an individual, or for couples. This may be about making the decision to separate, or it may be about staying together.
Should you decide to separate from your partner, you can have confidence that my style of practice means it is almost always possible to reach an amicable settlement with your partner.

“Collaboration not litigation” by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer Melbourne


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