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Hello there, I am Marguerite Picard, accredited specialist family lawyer. I am a  Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator with a Melbourne based practice and with my office in the Hawthorn-Camberwell area.

I specialise in helping people thinking about separation, and in helping couples who have decided to separate or divorce to do so as amicably as possible, without going to court.

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There are so many areas of concern to people who are considering separation or divorce. The type of lawyer you choose will determine the course of your emotional and financial well being through the divorce period and afterwards. My advice is to choose a lawyer who is able to work in a collaborative manner with you and your partner and their lawyer.


Learning how to discuss your finances, the custody of your children, child and spousal support together with your former partner is something that divorce lawyers with a collaborative practice such as mine specialise in.


I am able to put you in contact with specialist psychologists, who will assist you with the skills necessary to speak to your partner about the negotiations that must be covered in separation and divorce.

Also, I advise engaging the service of a financial planner to fully understand not only your financial position, but the entire family’s financial position into the future. The planner is able to help with settlement options by reality testing them , and helping you both to understand what the various options are going to mean, as you live your agreements after divorce and separation.


Now you may think these are expenses you cannot afford in addition to the fees a lawyer charges. Let me assure you that, time and again it has been proven that divorce conducted in a respectful, friendly, collaborative manner is a way to conserve your savings as opposed to a divorce conducted through the courts in an adversarial fashion. The non-lawyers who you choose to work with add expertise that lawyers do not have, and is quite often as important or more important for you than questions of law and legal advice. Their involvement adds significant value and cost efficiency. Should you wish to read more about Fixed Pricing and my fee structure please review this page of my website.


My practice covers all aspects of Family Law from Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Binding Financial Agreements, to spousal support or maintenance, child support, child custody and asset /property division.


Please know that by seeking my assistance you are not going down the path to unavoidable divorce, which may not be where you wish to go.
Should you decide to separate from your partner, I understand that separation and getting a divorce can load your life with stress and present you with challenges that you may never have seen yourself facing. With the right kind of support, it is possible to reach an amicable settlement with your partner.

“Collaboration not litigation” by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer Melbourne


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