Welcome to the home of civilised separation.

Separating? Confused? Scared? Looking for expert advice made simple? If you are separating, you are most likely feeling completely lost, confused, angry, sad, scared, or all of these things.

You will have given a lot of thought, and probably many sleepless nights, to wondering what you should do next. You are probably thinking about lawyers and courts, and worrying about your children, your money and your assets. If you are like most people, you probably don’t want this to get ugly, and cost a fortune.

It is possible for you and your family to get through separation without destroying your relationships and your future financial security. You will most likely need help to discuss your property and finances, living arrangements for your children, and to get legal sign-off on your agreements. That does not mean you need to go to court, and the kind of lawyer you choose will be important in keeping you out of court. Creative family law solutions are more than possible.

You can separate in a respectful, friendly, collaborative manner, avoiding conflict and reducing your costs. I know how true this is, because I once worked in the ‘old fashioned way’, going to Court and billing by the hour. I gave that up some years ago, because I saw the hurt and the harm that it caused.

I invite you to read more on this site and on www.melca.com.au. If you are keen to learn more about reaching an amicable settlement, please call 9939 6383 for more information or an appointment.

Watch this short video explaining collaborative divorce