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The end of homelessness or upgraded tennis facilties?

Homelessness The Need For Political Will

The Melbourne Age today ran a front page story about homelessness, and the need for political will to spend money on accommodation and support to keep people in housing. The  funding sought by the Council to Homeless Persons for its ten year plan is said to be less than half of the amount just promised by the state governemnt for new tennis facilties at Melbourne Park.

It goes without saying that there is something really wrong with a society that values its sport and international tourism over the care of its citizens. People sleep rough for many reasons, and most of us are not immune from that possibility for ourselves or someone close. But presumably we think we are, and so give ourselves permission to ignore people living in that way.

Game, set and match to the government that upgrades public housing before it upgrades the home of people hitting balls over a net for entertainment. (Much as I love tennis).



Talking to your Children after Separation and Divorce

Children the Transition after Divorce I have great admiration for the work of Rosalind Sedacca. The more I work with separating families, the deeper my commitment to the care of children in separating families, and the need for parents to receive support and education in their new role parenting across two households. As always, the article below contains Rosalind’s wisdom… Read more

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Christmas: A good time for all parents to think about their co-parenting style?

Children Do You Fit a Co-Parenting Style? This article is from the website of  Rosalind Sedacca, which is rich with information for parents. As always, I think the article is worth reading. What’s Your Co-Parenting Style — Cooperative, Parallel or Somewhere In-Between? by Cindy Harari, Esq. My Guest Author today is Cindy Harari, Esq. who offers a valuable perspective… Read more

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Lawyers It’s Not About You

Collaborating During Divorce I am reflecting on a busy week working collaboratively with clients who are in different stages of  separation. They have been variously distressed, sad, brave, angry, remorseful, forgiving, generous, but overwhelmingly respectful of each other and those supporting them. It is a great privilege to work with people in this way, and with my collaborative colleagues. On… Read more

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Bored to sleep: Another reason to stay out of Court

Divorce Separation and Court Judgements For most separating families the tedium of reading a judgment is not the problem. It is getting to that point and living with the fallout that is the problem. I would like to award top marks to Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury for admitting in a lecture earlier this week that judges, in regards to court… Read more

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Police checks for IVF parents

Alleged Safety of a Police Check is Misguided In ‘The Age’ today, Georgina Hall argues that we have a duty as a society to run police checks on people accessing IVF procedures. Given that no other parent is subjected to this expense and indignity, I think we need to ask questions about where this legislative amendment came from, and what… Read more

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