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Children and Separation: Building Resilience

The Melbourne Age today has a wonderful story about teaching children emotional literacy, using a program designed at Yale University’s Centre for Emotional Intelligence:

The program is RULER, Recognise, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate feeelings. It is exciting to read about the connection to academic success and emotional intelligence, but imagining how children can learn and apply these skills in daily life is even more exciting.

For separating families, a first priority is to find ways to help children manage the transition to two households. The potential benefits to children of using the mood meter and practising the brain changing strategies designed to soothe and calm, described in the article, is significant. For kids to know that bad feelings do not last forever, normalising negative life events, and learning to regulate their emotions and responses seems likely to make separation of a child’s parents, one of life’s really big events, more manageable.

In my interdisciplinary practice of collaborative law, this is sure to generate much interest amongst the teams of professionals including the psychologists and child psychologists.

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Divorce a Separation Best Performed Co-operatively

Collaborative Divorce This article by Tara Eisenhard really sums up the essence of our practice. At our law firm we work collaboratively with a couple and their family to achieve an outcome that is the best possible option for all of your family. Working co-operatively through the divorce separation process with a team that includes a lawyer, pscychologist and financial… Read more

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I’ll Be Watching You: Family Violence

Domestic Violence | Separation | Male Controllers “Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I’ll be watching you O can’t you see You belong to me…………” By Sting I have always thought… Read more

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Child Custody: When Parents ‘cannot communciate reasonably and civilly with each other at all’.

Child Custody | Family Court Decision A recent decision of the Family Court decided that it was not in the best interests of a child for her parents to have joint responsibility for reaching decisions about major long-term issues with respect to the child. The decision that parents do not share responsibility for a child goes against the usual presumption,… Read more

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Keeping Kids out of the Middle of your Separation

Separation Children Marriage Breakdown Separation is tough. It is especially tough for kids when their parents involve them in the details of the breakdown of the marriage relationship. I recently had a conversation with someone who works in a primary school. It was shocking to learn from her how common it is that children as young as eight and nine… Read more

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The end of homelessness or upgraded tennis facilties?

Homelessness The Need For Political Will The Melbourne Age today ran a front page story about homelessness, and the need for political will to spend money on accommodation and support to keep people in housing. The  funding sought by the Council to Homeless Persons for its ten year plan is said to be less than half of the amount just… Read more

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