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Lawyers It’s Not About You

Collaborating During Divorce

I am reflecting on a busy week working collaboratively with clients who are in different stages of  separation. They have been variously distressed, sad, brave, angry, remorseful, forgiving, generous, but overwhelmingly respectful of each other and those supporting them. It is a great privilege to work with people in this way, and with my collaborative colleagues.

lawyers and clients in collaborative divorce

On the other side of the ledger, this week I have had a few dispiriting encounters with lawyers where ego won out. Not the ego of the client! It is a problem for me when telephone calls and emails from another lawyer are so shaped by the ego of that person, that the point of the communication is lost. This has been my week. My hope is that next week I have the good fortune to communicate exclusively with lawyers who have better balance.

“No doubt we can all do with ‘a little humility and a little diffidence” ~ Ghandi


Bored to sleep: Another reason to stay out of Court

Divorce Separation and Court Judgements For most separating families the tedium of reading a judgment is not the problem. It is getting to that point and living with the fallout that is the problem. I would like to award top marks to Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury for admitting in a lecture earlier this week that judges, in regards to court… Read more

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Police checks for IVF parents

Alleged Safety of a Police Check is Misguided In ‘The Age’ today, Georgina Hall argues that we have a duty as a society to run police checks on people accessing IVF procedures. Given that no other parent is subjected to this expense and indignity, I think we need to ask questions about where this legislative amendment came from, and what… Read more

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Lawyers’ Mental Health: is it the system, and can we change it?

Lawyers And Mental Health Problems Today on radio 774 Melbourne, a lawyer told host Rafael Epstein that 50% of all lawyers have mental health issues (notably depression). In answer to the question whether there is a problem with the legal system, the caller merely observed that, ‘Its the system’. And in my opinion, a system that damages lawyers and clients… Read more

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