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“Listening is not waiting to speak”

Does this look and sound familiar? Actively listening to others is more than not interrupting; the first rule of listening is to be fully emotionally present, and we can’t be present if we are focused on our response. Until we have really listened, how can we know our (appropriate) response? Our response needs to be adjusted to what the other person is saying and feeling.

To be listened to with total attention is striking. And it is a gift. When did you last give or receive that gift? Not in a Court room, and not in an argument almost certainly.

The goal of collaborative divorce law practitioners is to be fully present and to give clients total attention. That is how we can listen for what is not said, for the emotion behind the words, for what has been left out, and the story our clients really need to tell. That is one of the ways in which we can best serve our clients, and just one of the many gifts of working collaboratively instead of competitively.

by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce lawyer, Melbourne, VIC

“She’s got you beat you can tell by the company she keeps” (with apologies to Chris Cornell)

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard has struggled in the opinion polls since she took office in June 2010. That is until 48 hours ago, when her knight in shining armour arrived. We are not talking about her partner Tim Mathieson here, but Barack Obama. Since his arrival in Australia her ratings have begun to improve. Our response to this visit has been fascinating.… Read more

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San Francisco and good divorce

Melbourne collaborative divorce practitioners were well represented at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals conference in San Francisco at the end of October. Our Melbourne Collaborative Alliance hosted a party at the very cool Minna Gallery, where we had the chance to catch up with the Aussies and our international friends from Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. This conference… Read more

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Can you Ever Win an Argument in Your Separation and Divorce?

What happens to the idea of fighting with your spouse partner during and after your separation or your divorce, if you accept that argument doesn’t work? One idea about arguing with other people is that it gives them the opportunity to dig further into their deepest beliefs, which actually strengthens their own view. Separation is hugely stressful; it is not… Read more

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Your family is not a divorce statistic. Don’t become one.

Here are some ways to build health after separation and divorce and to avoid becoming a statistic about the ill effects of separation: Take care of yourself. Sleep, exercise, diet, friendship and relaxation are all important aspects of your life to take care of so that you reduce the stress of separation. Don’t try to understand everything that went wrong… Read more

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After the separation: harmony or harm?

  Separation – Safety Concerns for Parents The Australian Institute of Family Studies has released research about safety concerns for parents after separation. In a study of 7,000 families, the good news is that for 60% of families, a friendly or co-operative parenting relationship was established. For 20% of families there were concerns about emotional abuse after separation, and alarmingly… Read more

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