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Hi and welcome to my blog.

This blog is a free resource for you with the aim to educate and express opinions about collaborative family law, divorce, separation and child custody. All articles are informative and are up to date with current practices. Please enjoy reading and take care of yourself. - Marguerite.



Divorce and Separation can be Collaborative Friendly and Amicable

marguerite picard family divorce lawyerHello and welcome to my website and blog about a whole lot of things. I am very pleased to meet you and hope that you gain some information about Collaborative Practice, the way I work and my professional thoughts and opinions.

Collaborative Practice in the area of divorce law covers many areas of the separation process but always with the whole of your family as our concern.

I work with a team of professionals that also specialise in Collaborative practice, a financial planner for an in-depth consideration of the family finances and a psychologist, not for therapy but to facilitate the lines of communications between spouses and their children through the divorce process.

This video symbolises the art of working together to achieve an outcome that is greater than the sum of each part.

Collaboration not litigation.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when everyone works together…….


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