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Breaking Up Without Breaking Down

Breaking Up Not Breaking Down

Divorce and Separation raise many decisions and questions. You may be separated, or thinking about it right now. Along with my colleagues, Dr Tina Sinclair psychologist, and Tricia Peters, financial planner, I’ve decided to help answer the many dilemmas that we know our client’s experience when they are in these situations. The result is our recently published book ‘Breaking Up Without Breaking Down’.

Our book begins with Dr Sinclair’s helpful information that you may need to work out whether you should stay in your relationship or leave. The book moves through grieving the end of a relationship, to looking at the many roads to divorce, the issues that are likely to come up for you, getting through the legal negotiations, and on to life after divorce.

Most people who will want to read this book are feeling overwhelmed with questions and emotions. The book is easy to read in content and design, because we want to help you, not add to your stress.

You can purchase the book by calling in to our office at Level 1, 32-36 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East, calling us on (03) 9939 6383, emailing me at, or purchasing online at

“I’m Separating And I Want My Fair Share!”

Yes, of course you want “fair”. Don’t we all?  But what does that actually mean to you, and why does it matter?  Will your spouse’s ideas of “fair” be the same as yours?  Are you both at the same stage of grief over the end of your marriage?  Are you being driven by the same emotions as your spouse in… Read more

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Family Courts: If their decisions are inevitable why go there, if their decisions are unpredictable, why go there?

One of the favourite hobbies of family lawyers is to discuss their court cases, and nothing makes for more excitement than when the Court ‘gets it wrong’. Unsurprisingly, one lawyer or the other often thinks that the court ‘got it wrong’, and there are unpredictable cases when the court does get it wrong. On the other side of the coin… Read more

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