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Cost of Divorce after 1 July 2015

All fees in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court will go up on 1 July 2015. If you are planning to apply for Divorce, and meet the requirement of being separated for 12 months, including separation under the same roof, act now. The current fee for filing a Divorce Application is $845. On 1 July it will increase to $1,195.

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Cost of Divorce rises

We learnt in the Federal Budget that the filing fees for all Applications in the Family Court will rise significantly. We don’t yet know what the increase will be, but it is less than two years since the fee to file a Divorce Application doubled. Anyone who plans to issue a Divorce Application because they have been separated for more then… Read more

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Gwyneth, Chris and Good Parenting

Its always nice to read good news stories about divorce, especially about parents collaborating with each other as parents. Call it conscious un-coupling, co-operation or whatever name you like, but parents who can put aside their own conflict, and their sadness and grief about the end of their marriage, do well by their children. These words might be easy to… Read more

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How much do divorce lawyers charge?

Lots of people ask me this question. If the question is what is the hourly rate of divorce lawyers, then here in Melbourne, that is somewhere between $350 and (very rarely) $1,000 per hour. If the question is how much will I pay to: negotiate a financial settlement? or arrange a parenting plan? or go to court for any of… Read more

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Divorce Mediation Benefits High Conflict Couples

Divorce Mediation Benefits High Conflict Couples It is a commonly held belief that high conflict couples don’t or shouldn’t go through divorce mediation or collaboration. In the video below Dr Thomson expands upon why high conflict angry couples benefit more than amicable couples from divorce mediation. High conflict divorcing couples benefit from mediation and collaboration in two main ways: financial… Read more

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We’re getting divorced and its all your fault

Or course it is……………or maybe not? Either way, the idea of blame is not a helpful notion to hang onto in Divorce. It locks you up in the past and focuses on your ex, which leaves less room to focus on you. Being right feels satisfying and important at the time, sometimes because it gives you a public face as… Read more

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