Children and Divorce

Separation and Divorce ends a marriage but you are a parent for all time. That’s how your children need to see you.

You may not have thought about teaming with a child psychologist to help your children through your separation. A child psychologist can help to make sure that your children are going to be okay, right from the moment when you decide to tell them about your separation.

As you become a two-household family, you will need to make decisions about the time your children spend in each household, how you will cover their costs, and their connection with extended family and friends, for example. Issues will come up as everyone in your family adjusts to big changes. A child specialist will give you guidance about what your children will need during separation and what you can do to help.

5 Ways a Child Specialist can help your kids to do well after separation:

♥by working with you to reach agreements about your co-parenting arrangements;

♥by helping you to separate your parenting from negative feelings about your partner;

♥by giving you information about what your children need at different ages;

♥by helping you to remember that the aim of the game is to make sure that your children have a healthy relationship with both of you; that’s what they need the most;

♥ by working with your young adult children who need support and reassurance too.

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