Child Psychologst

There are a number of ways a child psychologist can help your children with your separation.
  • They can help you speak to your children about your separation, about what to say to them, what reactions you can expect and how to answer their questions in realistic but reassuring ways;
  • Your children can meet the child psychologist to talk about their fears and the realities of the separation.  A meeting with  the child psychologist will give them a safe space to talk, without fearing that they will hurt or upset either of their parents;
  • A child psychologist can help you to work out a Parenting Plan covering the time the children will spend with each of you, and how everyday life, holidays and activities will be managed;
  • You will learn more about what your children are going to need at different ages;
  • You can be helped to keep negative feelings about your partner away from your children; easy to say, and hard to do without some help;
  • A psychologist can work with your very young children up to adult children.

To learn more or to meet one of a select group of highly expert and experienced child psychologists, call 9078 6980.

Marguerite Picard, Divorce and Family Lawyer