Divorce Mediation Benefits High Conflict Couples

It is a commonly held belief that high conflict couples don’t or shouldn’t go through divorce mediation or collaboration. In the video below Dr Thomson expands upon why high conflict angry couples benefit more than amicable couples from divorce mediation.

High conflict divorcing couples benefit from mediation and collaboration in two main ways: financial and in their continuing relationship .


Mediation in Divorce Saves Money

Amicable couples save money in divorce mediation but “high conflict” couples are the people who spend more on divorce, burning into their life savings with legal fees involved in a protracted separation dispute of family and estate.

Dr Thomson estimates that high conflict couples can save themselves $15,000 to $30,000 by avoiding litigation lawyers and seeking a divorce mediation.

In relation to this estimate from Dr Thomson: “Our research shows that you will spend up to 60% less working with Marguerite Picard and MELCA in a collaborative agreed price than elsewhere.”


Relationships Benefit from a Divorce Mediation

High conflict couples going through collaboration and mediation are by necessity in close proximity to each other and must find a way to get along. The unexpected benefit of this especially for parents who will be co-parenting is a lessening of tension in the relationship. Although these couples are likely to still feel tension they will be able to work together collaboratively.

Marguerite Picard, Family Lawyer, offers Australia’s leading service for mediation in divorce and is Australia’s first collaborative law specialist as founding member through MELCA Melbourne Collaborative Alliance Group.

At MELCA “We believe that the best way for you and your partner to achieve a satisfactory divorce settlement is through open and respectful negotiation. That’s why we give you access to skilled and compassionate practitioners who are trained to help you reach agreements with full information and support.  All the expert advice and guidance you and your partner may need is available to you in the one place.”