What is Collaborative Practice?

If you are interested in avoiding court, and avoiding negotiations between two lawyers who still think going to court is a reasonable option, this might be for you.

The idea of collaborative practice is essentially that you can decide on your own agenda for what needs to be worked through, talk about what’s burning for you, and still aim for a civilised settlement. It’s necessary to be able to show respect for your spouse in the conversations you will have, and to be able to think more about the future than the past. You will get a lot of help to do this.

How does it work?

There is no emailing, letter writing and phone calls between lawyers, but instead your negotiations happen in person in structured and supportive meetings. You will both be helped to put your best put forward to negotiate agreements, and will get lots of help to have the conversations you need to resolve the end of your relationship, and get to a settlement.

In the way I work, you will be looked after by a team, much like when you have a medical procedure. You will have your own lawyer, and so will your spouse. But honestly, your lawyers may not be the most important people on your team. In fact, it is very likely that the neutral psychologist, financial planner or child psychologist will be the person you look back on as having been central to your reasonable and peaceable outcome. It is worth remembering that each of the professionals on a collaborative team is there for a purpose; they are each doing what they do best, and your whole family benefits from that. Your team helps you to prepare and plan for the meetings where agreements are worked out.

The team is there for your whole family, knowing that the idea of one person winning means that, in the end, you all lose.

Could this be for you? Like to learn more?

Call my office on 9939 6383, and speak to my friendly and very knowledgeable paralegal Alexandra. She will either make an appointment for a private information meeting at a fee of $550, or book you in for a free public Saturday morning or Tuesday evening Seminar.