Attorney General Speaks On Upfront Legal fees

In ‘The Age’ 25 February 2013, the former Attorney General Mr. Rob Hulls says that lawyers need to find ways to charge their clients less, and suggests that people want to ‘know upfront’ what the outcome will cost. Here here! At MELCA we couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we were the first organisation in Melbourne to offer fixed pricing in family separation.

We know about the well-based fear that clients have when they call or email their divorce lawyer, if they are being charged by the minute.
We also know that the cost of separating and divorce with Melbourne Collaborative Alliance (MELCA) is substantially less than the alternatives. At  MELCA clients receive the benefit of an interdisciplinary team, support for the whole family, as well as legal outcomes, for less than the cost of just the legal outcome provided by lawyer only negotiations, and of course many times less than the cost of litigation.

The President of the Law Institute of Victoria, Mr. Reynah Tang, was quoted in the same article as saying that billing by the hour is an issue for lawyer’s mental health.
So, if the clients and the individual lawyers are not winning, maybe it’s time to look at the income expectations of legal firms and their partners, and to consider if that is what clients are expecting to pay for? Because, in reality it is what they are paying for. At MELCA clients pay for what matters most to them. Refreshing?

by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer, Melbourne VIC