There are many ways to avoid the court system and the court room

Thinking about divorce without court?


There are many ways to avoid the court system and the court room

Collaborative practice is one of those options. As with mediation, it is about finding out what is important to you and your spouse, so that’s where the focus can be. if you are like most people who are separating, whether by choice or not, you will want to avoid conflict, or be as amicable as possible in the circumstances.

The best way to make sure that is the kind of Divorce you have is to start with the end in mind. That is made much easier if you start your discussions with a collaborative practitioner, whether that is a lawyer, psychologist or financial planner. It is best to avoid consulting a lawyer who is all about rights, percentages and what goes on down at the Family Court. From my 30 plus years of experience, I know that almost always ends in tears, and with much higher cost than if you start from the basis that you need some help, but not that kind of help.

This belief lead me to co-found the MELCA where my practice is located. MELCA is based on recognizing that separation is more of an emotional crisis than a legal problem. It is the home of civilised separation.

Consistent with those ideals, litigation is not part of my practice.

If collaborative practice is not for you or your spouse, you may choose mediation or an alternative way of co-operatively working towards agreements.

I invite you to call my office on 9939 6383 for an appointment with me-whether you are thinking about separation, there is a joint decision to separate, it has been decided for you, or you have made that decision.

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