The secret is often forgiveness

Advice for the Recent Divorcee

Does the idea of letting go the pain of separation and divorce appeal to you? One of the most helpful steps you can take to let go of anger, sorrow and tension is to forgive your former partner.

The secret of forgiveness is that it is all about you, and not about the person you are forgiving. To forgive does not mean that you accept that past misbehaviour was OK, but it allows you to let go of your anger. Lack of forgiveness is punishing you and not your former partner.

Focusing on the lessons you have learned from the past, and how that has made you stronger or a better person can be a way of giving yourself permission to forgive your ex.

Challenging idea? Counsellors and therapists can help you with this, so you can focus on forgiveness and grow that part of you.

by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer, Melbourne, VIC