Divorce 10 Traps In Negotiating A Property Settlement

divorce property settlement negotiation


Do You Fall Into Any of These Traps | Choose A Collaborative Divorce

  1. Believing that fair equals fifty:fifty, or any other specific division
  2. Keeping the house when you can’t afford to.
  3. Deciding financial issues one at a time instead of understanding how they affect each other.
  4. Failing to think about life and other insurance for the person/s who will be earning the family income after separation.
  5. Believing that your settlement must conform to what a judge would order if your case went to court.
  6. Seeking financial advice from someone who does not have that expertise.
  7. Having unrealistic assumptions about growth of assets and investment returns.
  8. Failing to consider all options for settlement before making decisions
  9. Failing to ask, ‘What is the daily reality of my financial future going to be after settlement’?
  10. Thinking of financial settlement as a way of addressing emotional pain or anger

Think of the benefit of a financial planner in a divorce with property settlement.

Read what a collaborative divorce is all about.

Collaborative Divorce

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of most property settlements in a divorce think about entering into a collaborative divorce process. You and your spouse will negotiate an agreement that you both have agreed upon with your family lawyers. Each of you should access an accredited family specialist collaborative lawyer who advises and assists you in negotiating the settlement agreement. Meet with your own lawyer and then schedule meetings for the four of you on a regular basis. A collaborative divorce may also involve other professionals, such as child psychologist and/or  a financial planner.

Our practice “Marguerite Picard Family Lawyer” was the first in Australia to establish a complete collaborative practice known as MELCA, Melbourne Collaborative Alliance.

“MELCA is made up of a group of independent, like-minded professionals who work with families as collaborative lawyers, psychologists and counsellors, financial planners and child specialists.”

by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer, Melbourne, VIC