“The Good Divorce” by Constance Ahrons.

Here are some ways to build health after separation and divorce and to avoid becoming a statistic about the ill effects of separation:

  • Take care of yourself. Sleep, exercise, diet, friendship and relaxation are all important aspects of your life to take care of so that you reduce the stress of separation.
  • Don’t try to understand everything that went wrong in your relationship. If you can contain these thoughts and not try to resolve them now, you will have more success with that later when you have more time, energy and information.
  • Find a way to stay out of Court. Collaboration is the perfect solution for this in most cases.
  • Give your children a voice. This can be done by working with a child specialist. Your collaborative lawyer will introduce you to a skilled child specialist.

Collaborative divorce professionals have made a commitment to caring for your family during and after separation. They work in ways that are cost effective and future focused.

Check out “The Good Divorce” by Constance Ahrons.

by Marguerite Picard, Family Divorce Lawyer, Melbourne, VIC