The Melbourne Collaborate Alliance could help

Maybe you ask this question because you have a perception about what it means to engage a lawyer? And quite likely this is negative perception.

You may be thinking that if you see a lawyer you will have to pay unreasonably large sums of money, that you will lose control of your own case, and that the lawyer will make your case more complicated than it needs to be?

Sometimes these things are true. But, they need never be.

Taking cases to Court, or negotiating settlements with the threat of Court in the background is now old thinking. That is because litigation is expensive, you are likely to lose control of your case and it will become more complex because Court processes are played by set rules.

Engaging with a Collaborative divorce lawyer will be a completely different experience.

With a Collaborative divorce lawyer, you will never go to Court, you will work alongside your lawyer as part of a team, and you will have control of your case.

You and your spouse will negotiate about the things that matter to you. There is help available from Financial Planners, Child Specialists and psychologists/counsellors who team up with you and your lawyer.

Collaborative Practice is not about winning. It is about achieving the best for all the family.

If you want a Good Divorce, a Fixed Price DivorceFinancial Planning after Divorce, have concerns about Separation and your Children and about good communication with your spouse, Melbourne Collaborative Alliance is where your kind of lawyer can be found.

(Answer: probably, but not the kind of lawyer you have heard about)