Divorce Financial Planners

If you are separating, financial certainty is vital, and that is what Financial Planners give their clients every day. Divorce Financial Planners are experienced in working with separating couples, ensuring that assets and liabilities are identified, and that all options for allocating resources and assets are considered.

As a Family Law Specialist, I’ve learned over the years that fear about finances is significant for almost all people who are separating. That’s why I recommend that my clients work with a Financial Planner as part of their negotiations, not after the settlement has been finalised.

A Financial Planner can help you to see your next steps by simplifying financial data, helping you to educate yourself about money, build confidence, and help you take control at a time of great uncertainty.

Working collaboratively with a Financial Planner as part of the divorce process simply makes sense, and allows you to make more informed settlement decisions. It’s much more productive than trying to make the best of a situation after a settlement when there is no opportunity to do things differently.

Where a divorce involves children, budgeting to ensure that their needs are adequately provided for becomes particularly important. Financial Planners are adept at helping you to identify what you have spent on your children in the past, what you can afford to spend in the future, and where those resources might come from. This is very different from focusing on a Child Support Assessment from the Child Support Agency.

I work collaboratively with a small group of Divorce Financial Planners who can assist you during separation negotiations, for the purpose of ensuring the best financial outcomes.  They all have great experience in this work, and a recommendation is only a phone call away.

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Marguerite Picard, Accredited Family Specialist in Divorce and family Law