Agreed Legal Costs in Divorce and Separation

You know how people think lawyers charge a fortune? That’s because quite often it’s true. You’ve probably got friends or relatives who’ve received shockingly high bills from lawyers that they just don’t understand. There is no incentive for lawyers to work efficiently when they charge by the hour, and when you don’t know how many hours work you are going to be charged for, it is an open cheque. Right?

The costs of separation can be significant, and being billed by the hour is not always the best option. It doesn’t measure the value of the work done in each hour, and means that legal costs don’t always represent good value.

It isn’t always possible to fix a fee for work, but usually the most important work can be at a fixed fee. You will no doubt find it less stressful to have a fee based on the agreed work, rather than feeling like every action by your lawyer is on the clock. That’s why I offer a flat fee of $500 plus GST for your initial meeting, and then agreed costs as an alternative to billing by the hour.

How do Agreed Legal Costs work?

When agreeing costs for any work after our first meeting, I will look at what you want to achieve, figure out with you  the best way to get there, and then agree on a price for that work. The price is tailored for your circumstances and for the scope of work you decide on.

I also offer the more traditional method of paying by the hour if that is what you prefer, or until it is possible to agree on a scope of work.
My aim is always for you to receive the best possible value.