Mediation - Divorce and Family Lawyer Melbourne

Are you separating?

Do you want to reach agreements about your home, your children, your income, business, investments?

Are you hoping to avoid the horror stories about lawyer’s bills?

Are you interested in working to a fixed price?

If you have said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you are on the right page.

Civilised separation keeps

families out of court.

My approach will allow you to:

  • have support for your emotional distress
  • preserve your wealth and enhance your financial wellbeing
  • access high quality advice
  • focus on your future
  • have a legally binding settlement

The essence of mediation is to have a supported

discussion, with the aim of finding out:

Sometimes mediation is as simple as two

people and one mediator working together.

In my experience, it is most often helpful to add in the expertise of

cooperative lawyers, financial planners, child psychologists or counselling

psychologists at some or all points of the process.

If this sounds like you:

I’m an accredited family lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, collaborative practitioner. But,

above all, I’m about working for peace and building optimism for the future of

separating couples and families.


After many years, I’ve found the best way I can help families is by putting together the team you will need

to be able to reach agreements, and stay agreed. I see the importance for families of settling up in a way

that is emotionally healthy for all family members and for their future wealth and financial wellbeing.


Much like when you consult a doctor for, say, a broken leg. You will want the pain relief, the radiologist,

the surgeon, the nurse, the crutches, the rehab. After separation, you will want your agreements managed

with professional expertise, care and compassion.