Prenuptial agreements

While some couples consider pre-nuptial agreements to be unromantic and pessimistic, designing a ‘pre-nup’ can be an opportunity for a healthy discussion about your expectations and the assumptions that you both bring to your relationship.  If your relationship comes to an end, having a pre-nuptial agreement may help make the financial complications of separation and divorce less painful.


A Pre-Nup is NOT just about money and property

If you are thinking about having a pre-nup drawn up before moving in with or marrying your partner, there are many things to consider.

For a start, you and your partner may have different values about money and security, you may be concerned about financial equality, the protection of assets that have come from your family, or provision for children and former partners.

I can help you work through these issues and provide advice on the basics such as how to raise the subject with your partner and how to deal with the concerns of parents and other family members.

My aim is not only to help you consider the legal aspects of your pre-nuptial agreement, but to work with the emotional and financial planning considerations too. In my experience, the best agreements are reached when a psychologist and a financial planner are included in the negotiations.  Many of my clients have said that including the psychologist and financial planner was was the best money they ever spent.