Weekend Mediation: Save your 9-5

Who is this for?

This service is for separated couples who would like to reach an agreement that can be filed with the Family Court, but on their own terms and without prolonged and expensive negotiations between two lawyers.

Marguerite is a highly experienced Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer who is a qualified Mediator, and is an Australian leader in Collaborative Practice. For this service she focuses her extensive skills and knowledge on facilitating agreements between separating couples where both parties agree that her role is one of neutral mediator.

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How Does this Work

To save you costs, your Mediator will manage:

  • Exchange of Financial Information
  • Asset and Superannuation Valuations
  • Title and Company Searches
  • Referral to one of a panel of Lawyers if required

To get started:


Why Marguerite is different from other Lawyers

Marguerite’s work in separation is always out of court. She believes deeply in the power of interest-based negotiation and focusing on the future. Her approach is about doing what is necessary to build optimism out of the pain of separation.

Please know that Marguerite works in a collaborative centre, MELCA, and regularly collaborates with practitioners in counselling/psychology, child psychology, financial planning, careers independence, separation support and divorce recovery.
She sees it as part of her role to make her clients aware of the availability of the skills of these professionals within or beside mediation, and about alternative ways of reaching agreements if mediation is not the right fit.

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